Interesting and worth mentioning things from the internet

Over the years I have discovered many great and useful tools on the internet. Many of them have been with me for years because they make life so much easier. On this page you will find a small overview of most of the tools and services that I currently use or have liked to use in the past. Maybe there is something for you too. :)


7-Zip Archive Tool Website
AnyDesk Remote Desktop Website
BCUninstaller Uninstaller Website
Beekeeper Studio Database Manager Website
Calibre eBook Tool Website
Duplicat Backup Software Website
Eraser Erase Files Website
Firefox Browser Website
Git Git Website
KeePassXC Passwort Manager Website
Mattermost Messenger Website
Nextcloud Sync Client Website
Notepad++ Editor Website
OBS Screen Recorder Website
OpenVPN Connect VPN Client Website
pageant SSH Authentication Agent Website
Putty SSH Client Website
simplewall Firewall Website
ShareX Screen Capture Website
Teamspeak VoIP Website
Thunderbird Mail Client Website
Ungoogled Chromium Browser Website
Veracrypt Encryption Website
VSCode Code Editor Website
VLC Media Player Website
VMWare Workstation Virtual Maschines Website
W10Privacy Debloat Windows Website
WinDirStat Disk Usage Statistics Website
WinSCP File Manager Website
Wireguard VPN Client Website
XnConvert Batch Image Converter Website


Aegis 2FA App Store
AntennaPod Podcasts App Store
Aurora Store App Store App Store
Binary Eye Barcode Scanner App Store
BlaBlaCar Carpool App Store
DAVx Cal-CardDAV Sync Client App Store
DeepL Translator App Store
Democracy Bundestagsmandant App Store
Element Messenger App Store
Etar Calender App Store
Expo Expo Debugging App Store
F-Droid App Store App Store
Fair E-Mail Mail Client App Store
Forecastie Weather App Store
FOSS Warn Emergency Alerts App Store
Github Github App Store
Hauk Phone Tracking App Store
KeePassDX Password Manager App Store
Mattermost Messenger App Store
MoneyWallet Budget Book App Store
NetGuard Firewall + Ad-Blocker App Store
NewPipe YouTube Client App Store
Nextcloud Sync Client App Store
Nextcloud News News Reader App Store
Nextcloud Notes Notes App Store
OpenKeychain PGP Key Manager App Store
Organic Maps Maps/Navigation Website
OsmAnd~ Maps/Navigation App Store
PhoneTrack Phone Tracking App Store
RadioDroid Radio App Store
Signal Messenger Website
Slide Reddit Reader App Store
Tasks Tasks Manager App Store
Transportr OENV App Store
Truck Parking Europe Parking & More App Store
Twidere Blog Client App Store
Twire Twitch Client App Store


Dark Reader Firefox App Store
Decentraleyes Firefox App Store
floccus Firefox App Store
Neat URL Firefox App Store
Privacy Badger Firefox App Store
Skip Redirect Firefox App Store
uBlock Origin Firefox App Store
uMatrix Firefox App Store
CategoryManager Thunderbird App Store
Darko Thunderbird App Store
DKIM Verifier Thunderbird App Store
Mail Merge Thunderbird App Store
DAV4Tbsync Thunderbird App Store
TbSync Thunderbird App Store
Gitlens VSCode App Store
Prettier VSCode App Store